Make curved furniture with ease!


Natflex is one of the very exclusive products of Natural Veneers. We are one of the handful companies in India that produce such flexible veneers that can be mounted on curved surfaces. Such flexibility allows you to create artistic furniture applications without much hassle.

To add such flexibility, the fleece backed veneers are “Flexed” through a special grain breaking machine called Flexer. This allows the veneers to bend at an extremely low radii, which was otherwise impossible in normal veneers. The normal veneers would simply break if you try to bend them at such low radii, rendering them useless. Instead we offer a these flexible veneers in a variety of species so that you are not left without a proper choice.

Since these Natflex are actual veneers, you get that seamless, solid wood look all across your space, and furniture.


There is a variety of glue coated backing fleece to allow application in a variety of creations. Also the thickness of veneer sheets range from 0.2mm to 0.5mm, with sizes that are standard in industry, as well custom sizes, which increases their usability mani-fold.