Natural souvenir for our amazing architects

At Natural, we have the talented architects visit our office and factory all the time. They are invited to understand how we design and create veneers, wood mosaics, and other wooden products. When the architects want to visit our factory, our directors are personally present at the factory to welcome the architects.… Read More

Splendour of Gemss Olivine


If you want to look at the epitome of the wood mosaics that are classic and timeless, look no further. Gemss Olivine wood mosaics are simple but the sophistication lies in the design concept that is derived from one of the most beautiful works of art by nature – honeycomb!

One look at the Olivine is enought to let you know that the design inspiration comes from our honey making friends.… Read More

Recipient of prestigious Hospitality Design Award

Natural Veneers have been yet again honoured with a prestigious recognition. Our efforts have been recognized at the Hospitality Design Awards, 2015. These awards identify the best of the designing products that are used in the hospitality industry. These products are used in various aspects of the industry.

There were more than 350 participants across 10 products categories, competing for various awards.… Read More

The all new Palm Veneers

Natural Veneers introduces the all new Palm Veneers.

Palm veneers exhibit the surface features that are very much similar to coconut palm. With veneers textures like that, one can obtain a suave look easily in the space. The Palm veneers are obtained from the best quality palm trees.

The search for such trees is a meticulous process and needs expertise in the field to select the trees for production.… Read More

Red Dot Design Award

The Gemss enriched wood surfaces are unique wood surfaces that will give an extraordinary and exclusive feel to your space. The flexibility of these surfaces means reduced wastage and keeping the project well within your budget and time constraints.

Gemss gives you innovative possibilities to design your space to truly call it your own.… Read More

Natural Veneers Website Overview

Change is permanent, and one should always keep up with time. At Natural Veneers, we thought to reinvent. Therefore, we are proud to present our digital space and identity in a new avatar. Our portal now has better looks, improved user experience, added utilities, and much more. You can easily navigate through the products and decide the right one’s that suits your needs.… Read More

ACE TECH Participation – New Delhi

It has always been rightly said ‘Delhi dilwalon ki’. At ACE TECH 2010, Delhi exhibition we the team of Natural Veneers were overwhelmed by the response for our veneer products. People at Delhi were so much eager to know more and more about innovative products that we were able to place a positive image of innovative brand in the minds of the architects and the interior designers.… Read More

Delhi Wood 2011 – New Delhi

After the success of exhibitions held at ACE TECH, which lead to adding more number of Architects and Interior designers to our family, we the team from Natural Veneers are heading towards another trade show ‘Delhi wood 2011′, Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

At ACE TECH we tried to have a bonding with Architects and Interior designers, and now at Delhi Wood 2011 our prime focus would be the furniture manufacturers.… Read More