Green Philosophy

We have always been committed to being environmentally responsible ever since the day we started functioning. Our philosophy is reflected in the methodology of our product research and development, and our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities. This ensures that there is optimal usage of valuable resources like wood.



We fully support the sustainable forest management practices and also adhere to them by purchasing and using the wood that comes from FSC managed forests.… Read More

Redecorating your spaces with Natural Veneers

It’s the New Year and many of you must have planned to revamp your spaces. Now that the decision is made, your next step should be to decide how. The presence of wood in your space makes it look lavish and posh. The exclusivity that wood exudes is incomparable. Wood to your space is what gold is to woman.… Read More

Caring for wood furniture

Caring for wood furniture

Wood furniture can be the real art pieces in our homes but most often the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning them. We only realize it after years of uncaring deteriorates them. Simple care for your wood furniture can sustain them for years to come.

Wood furniture present at our homes is very prone being defaced by simple things like dust.… Read More

Choosing the type of veneer for your furniture

So you are choosing veneers for your furniture and having a hard time choosing something because of its looks. Many times it happens that while choosing between veneers, one gets confused due to the looks and the budget. There is a simple technique for choosing veneers to decorate your furniture.

The front part or the side that is seen the most should have the best looking and the most premium veneer that fits in your budget.… Read More

Designing your space with Gemss Radiance

The Gemss Radiance wood surfaces will give an astonishing feel to your space. The flexibility ensures the wastage is kept to minimum, reducing the cost as well as the time required. The surfaces are designed in such a way that it requires minimal craftsmanship to design the space. Easy application method will help you design the space in no time.… Read More