Grandeur of Natural Veneers

Turakhia Overseas Private Limited was founded in 1994 in India as a specialised veneering in company.We have taken big strides by innovating concepts such as Gemss Radiance, Weathered Veneers, Stone veneers, Palm veneers, and much, much more.

Since our inception we have set up units to manufacture sliced veneers, veneer edge banding rolls, backlit illuminated wooden surfaces, flexible veneers, and many other wood based products.… Read More

Posh NSD Veneers

Everyone loves to be treated in a special manner! Being surrounded with exclusivity makes us happy! That is exactly what we had in mind when we designed the NSD Veneers. These veneers give your space an exclusivity and exude luxuriance. They texture over the surfaces with such finesse that will make take your breath away.… Read More

Soothing Gemss Radiance Chrysolite


One can never resist the charm of interiors that are well made. The aura that these interiors have, has a mesmerizing effect. This is what we intended when we designed the Gemss Radiance Chrysolite wood mosaics. These mosaics have the soft curves that give out the calmness. The design pattern also enhances the surface appearance of the application.… Read More

The flexible Natflex veneers

Natflex veneers have put us among the crème de la crème of veneer manufacturers in India who can produce flexible veneers. Flexible veneers are required to create stunning 3 dimensional furniture applications that have intricate design lines. Having veneers that can take the form of the base structure lets the artist explore newer design patterns and experiment with different styles.… Read More

Veneering process

Veneers are one of the best things that can be made from wood. From picking the right logs to having the veneers decorating your space, there are so many intricate processes involved in making the veneers.

The wood has to go through varying processes that extract the hidden beauty of it.… Read More

The majestic Weathered Veneers

The majestic Weathered Veneers


Weathered veneers have this old wood charm that is generally seen in the antique furniture. Such furniture pieces have grayish, faded surfaces that make them look immaculate. The aura lent out by these furniture pieces is simply enthralling; it makes the whole space look lavish.

The surface aesthetics that develop on such veneers embrace in themselves the natural sophistication.… Read More

Flexible Veneers from Natural Veneers

Flexible Veneers from Natural Veneers

There was time intricate and curvy furniture applications were a nightmare for a carpenter. Making the actual application wasn’t as difficult as surfacing it. The curved surfaces posed a difficulty as traditional veneers weren’t flexible and applying them over surfaces with extreme curvature would be very difficult, but with Natflex veneers, Natural veneers aims to ease the surfacing process of any kind of application.… Read More

Prodigous Whole Tree Veneers

Whole Tree Veneers

Wood veneers are available in various shapes and sizes these days but there are a certain size constraints which can ruin a rather beautiful design. Due to the limitations on the dimensions of the logs, the final size of the veneer leaves are considerably reduced.

These lower sizes do not cause hindrance during normal applications, but when applications have bigger fascia, applying these small veneer leaves can leave behind hideous seams that wreck the entire appeal of the fascia.… Read More

Veneered furniture

Veneered furniture

The glory of the furniture grows tremendously when it is made in wood.  Nothing comes close to the grace and exclusivity offered by wood. The intricacies and craftsmanship that is involved in making the wooden furniture clearly shows in the final outcome.  It has the natural look that is simply unbeatable.… Read More