Make curved furniture with ease!


Natflex is one of the very exclusive products of Natural Veneers. We are one of the handful companies in India that produce such flexible veneers that can be mounted on curved surfaces. Such flexibility allows you to create artistic furniture applications without much hassle.

To add such flexibility, the fleece backed veneers are “Flexed” through a special grain breaking machine called Flexer.… Read More

Majestic Weathered Veneers

Weathered veneers are a unique collection of veneers that lend a well worn, antique look onto fresh furniture applications. The design pattern of these veneers lays a distressed surface look on the furniture. The grey colour scheme of this collection applies an allure of real old wood furniture.

This old world charm is combined with 15 exclusive species of wood to fuse the character of these species with the appearance of “Weathered”, to create some mind-blowing combination on the veneers.  … Read More

Evergreen Veneers – The All Time Classics


Evergreen series of veneers are those that are widely acclaimed species of wood. The veneers made from these wood species never go out of style. People keeping come back to these species for their preferred choice of veneers, time and again! These species – teak, walnut, rosewood, ebony, etc., are timeless classics that never go out of trend.… Read More

Siam, the natural masterpieces


Gemss Siam wood mosaics are made from pieces are various pieces of wood. The arrangement of the pieces make the mosaics look like masterpieces. Each tile looks like an artwork made by mother nature herself.

Each tile of Siam mosaics is feather light, making it easy on your applications.

The backing on each Siam tile flexible.… Read More

Ecofriendly Butt Cut Veneers


Butt Cut veneers are an innovation in veneering. Traditionally, to make veneers, the logs are quarter sawn or crown sawn. To make butt cut veneers, the lumber is sliced across the annual rings. The veneers when laid out side by side, give out an illusion of stacked wooden logs. Since the logs are cut across the annual rings, the exposed pattern is of most exotic decor.… Read More

Gemss Sapphire Bricks

Sapphire Bricks

Gemss Sapphire Bricks have a special design character. They are designed to impart confidence, and to be reinvigorating. These wood mosaics are one of the few examples when classiness comes with simplicity. The wood mosaics have a contemporary appeal which, conforms to traditional design patterns.

The Gemss Sapphire bricks wood mosaics are available in Bugged Oak, Yewwood, Wenghe, and Walnut species.… Read More

Bold patterns of Stone Veneers

We take pride in innovation of Stone Veneers. These veneers have an innovative placement pattern. The design appeal of these veneers is very bold. The wood characters present a randomness but with eloquence.

This is attained by placing the rare timber pieces in a single veneer panel in a non repeating, handmade pattern.… Read More

Classiness, with a dash of simplicity.


Today, everyone wants to be classy. But it’s not easy to be classy. One needs to have sophistication and confidence to carry the opulence. This sophistication can be attained by having the understanding of the responsibility of such opulence. It makes out one to be confident and bold!


Classiness amplifies its charm with when it is coupled up with simplicity.… Read More

Brands of Natural Veneers

Natural Veneers came to be founded in 1994 in India, as an exclusive veneering company. Since then we have endured to develop and innovate various veneering concepts that were never seen before in the veneering industry.

It is our firm belief that “Change is the Essence of Life.”

We constantly strive to change for betterment.Read More

Soothing Gemss Jasper Glorious

Jasper Glorious

Life, now, has become very stressful and hectic. The mind is always working and concentrating on work or other important issues. Tiredness and fatigue set in very quickly and we are not able to relax with peace of mind. Medicines and pills are just temporary, and taking too much medicines is also not good for health.… Read More