Natural souvenir for our amazing architects

At Natural, we have the talented architects visit our office and factory all the time. They are invited to understand how we design and create veneers, wood mosaics, and other wooden products. When the architects want to visit our factory, our directors are personally present at the factory to welcome the architects.… Read More

New dimensions in the Gemss Wood Mosaics

Up until now, Gemss wood mosaics have decorating space with designs were never seen before. The design patterns were very contemporary and stunning. There were a few accolades and some words of appreciation that came along the way. But there was something missing; also our desire to outdo ourselves did not nestle calmly.… Read More

Grandeur of Natural Veneers

Turakhia Overseas Private Limited was founded in 1994 in India as a specialised veneering in company.We have taken big strides by innovating concepts such as Gemss Radiance, Weathered Veneers, Stone veneers, Palm veneers, and much, much more.

Since our inception we have set up units to manufacture sliced veneers, veneer edge banding rolls, backlit illuminated wooden surfaces, flexible veneers, and many other wood based products.… Read More

Siam, the natural masterpieces


Gemss Siam wood mosaics are made from pieces are various pieces of wood. The arrangement of the pieces make the mosaics look like masterpieces. Each tile looks like an artwork made by mother nature herself.

Each tile of Siam mosaics is feather light, making it easy on your applications.

The backing on each Siam tile flexible.… Read More

Ecofriendly Butt Cut Veneers


Butt Cut veneers are an innovation in veneering. Traditionally, to make veneers, the logs are quarter sawn or crown sawn. To make butt cut veneers, the lumber is sliced across the annual rings. The veneers when laid out side by side, give out an illusion of stacked wooden logs.¬†Since the logs are cut across the annual rings, the exposed pattern is of most exotic decor.… Read More

Why is Natural Veneers so exclusive!

Since the inception of Turakhia Overseas Private Limited in 1994, it has been our aim to be the most environmentally friendly company with the most Natural products. Till date we have not diverged from our vision and continuously work towards keeping it so.

To reach at this stage there is a lot of expertise that is at work, expertise that has been gained over the years of hardwork.… Read More

Green Philosophy

We have always been committed to being environmentally responsible ever since the day we started functioning. Our philosophy is reflected in the methodology of our product research and development, and our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities. This ensures that there is optimal usage of valuable resources like wood.



We fully support the sustainable forest management practices and also adhere to them by purchasing and using the wood that comes from FSC managed forests.… Read More

Gemss Sapphire Bricks

Sapphire Bricks

Gemss Sapphire Bricks have a special design character. They are designed to impart confidence, and to be reinvigorating. These wood mosaics are one of the few examples when classiness comes with simplicity. The wood mosaics have a contemporary appeal which, conforms to traditional design patterns.

The Gemss Sapphire bricks wood mosaics are available in Bugged Oak, Yewwood, Wenghe, and Walnut species.… Read More

Bold patterns of Stone Veneers

We take pride in innovation of Stone Veneers. These veneers have an innovative placement pattern. The design appeal of these veneers is very bold. The wood characters present a randomness but with eloquence.

This is attained by placing the rare timber pieces in a single veneer panel in a non repeating, handmade pattern.… Read More

Splendour of Gemss Olivine


If you want to look at the epitome of the wood mosaics that are classic and timeless, look no further. Gemss Olivine wood mosaics are simple but the sophistication lies in the design concept that is derived from one of the most beautiful works of art by nature – honeycomb!

One look at the Olivine is enought to let you know that the design inspiration comes from our honey making friends.… Read More