Designing your space with Gemss Radiance

The Gemss Radiance wood surfaces will give an astonishing feel to your space. The flexibility ensures the wastage is kept to minimum, reducing the cost as well as the time required. The surfaces are designed in such a way that it requires minimal craftsmanship to design the space. Easy application method will help you design the space in no time.… Read More

Red Dot Design Award

The Gemss enriched wood surfaces are unique wood surfaces that will give an extraordinary and exclusive feel to your space. The flexibility of these surfaces means reduced wastage and keeping the project well within your budget and time constraints.

Gemss gives you innovative possibilities to design your space to truly call it your own.… Read More

Natural Veneers Website Overview

Change is permanent, and one should always keep up with time. At Natural Veneers, we thought to reinvent. Therefore, we are proud to present our digital space and identity in a new avatar. Our portal now has better looks, improved user experience, added utilities, and much more. You can easily navigate through the products and decide the right one’s that suits your needs.… Read More

Natural Wood Mosaics (Gemss) – How to Apply on Surface – Hindi & English Versions


This is Video demonstrate how to apply Natural Wood Mosaics (Gemss – A Product from Natural Veneers) on Various surfaces.
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ACE TECH Participation – New Delhi

It has always been rightly said ‘Delhi dilwalon ki’. At ACE TECH 2010, Delhi exhibition we the team of Natural Veneers were overwhelmed by the response for our veneer products. People at Delhi were so much eager to know more and more about innovative products that we were able to place a positive image of innovative brand in the minds of the architects and the interior designers.… Read More

Delhi Wood 2011 – New Delhi

After the success of exhibitions held at ACE TECH, which lead to adding more number of Architects and Interior designers to our family, we the team from Natural Veneers are heading towards another trade show ‘Delhi wood 2011’, Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

At ACE TECH we tried to have a bonding with Architects and Interior designers, and now at Delhi Wood 2011 our prime focus would be the furniture manufacturers.… Read More

One more feather in the cap of Natural Veneers- IGBC membership

We at Natural Veneers are delighted to announce our participation in India’s green building movement through our membership of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). IGBC is actively involved in promoting the Green Building concept in India. It provides various services such as certifications, professional examinations, workshops and training programs.

The council is represented by all stakeholders of construction industry comprising of Corporate, Government & Nodal Agencies, Architects, Product manufacturers, Institutions, etc.… Read More

First Mover AdvantEdge!!

Being first in the category is the best policy a company can opt for. Thus Natural Veneers takes another leap of providing AdvantEdge – veneer edge bandings in the roll form with the thicknesses of 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm. We are the only and the 1st company in India providing veneer edge bandings upto 3mm in the roll form.… Read More

You can now position your false ceilings beyond 8 feet; no matter which specie of veneer you use!!

We, at Natural Veneers, have always believed in providing our customers with a total range of veneers with all possible colours and sizes. Hence, we launched veneer sheets of sizes 10feet x 4feet and 12feet x 4feet in 2011. Consistent innovation in the products a company offers determines its standing in the market.… Read More

More number of FSC Certified veneers

Being a responsible veneer manufacturing company, we have taken another step forward to support the responsible management of the world’s forests by increasing the number of FSC – Forest Stewardship Council Certified veneers. Our FSC Certified veneers now include Chestnut, White Oak, Eucalyptus, Sapeli and Coffee Bean which can be used for Eco-friendly and Green projects as well.… Read More