Wood Veneer panels are used for an in-depth array of functions in each domestic and industrial settings. And no matter it’s they’re used for, the results are continually dynamic, conspicuous and strikingly elegant.

Whether or not you have got ever stepped on board a yacht, you’ll little question have seen the inside of 1 during a moving picture or magazine. suppose woodworking, doors Associate in using panel adorned with shiny walnut or superbly thorny oak and you’ll instantly be transported in your mind’s eye into an exclusive world of luxury.

A similar goes for a high of the very automobiles; you’ll at some purpose have traveled in or loved a classic car with its walnut dashboard and interior panel. Keep in mind the admiration you felt?

Wood Veneer Panels = Indulgence and class

Wood veneer panels have continually been related to indulgence and class. As we have a tendency to mentioned in our journal on the history of ornamental wood veneers, the grand tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs were embellished with beautiful creations crafted from ebony and ivory, and also the extravagant Renaissance amount might well are renamed the veneer amount because of the intensive use of this trade follow, as well as by a lot of celebrated furniture maker.

You only have to be compelled to look to TV costume dramas to envision veneer trade charted through history and, on the topic of Selfridges, it’s still doable to envision veneered panels in use in high finish stores like this these days, as a result of such luxurious ornamental options square measure dateless.

The extravagant Renaissance amount might well are renamed the veneer amount because of the intensive use of this trade practice!

Wood Veneers – similar to Quality and magnificence

It is maybe as a result of wood veneers became similar with quality and magnificence over the years that they’re favorites for all styles of high finish and prime quality applications of an ad nature.

Walk into the hall college of Music and Drama anteroom and you’ll see it superbly decked with superb wood veneer panels. a similar goes for the high muckamuck space, though there the planning is a lot of modern, that simply goes to demonstrate however versatile wood veneers extremely square measure.

Veneered Panels – reworking Interiors

Veneer panels extremely will remodel any form of interior. Whether or not it’s a home, a council chamber, an edifice or a significant venue, the very fact that there’s most selection in timbers and designs, which with the proper experience in cutting, matching and finishing the result’s certain to be nothing wanting spectacular, makes wood veneer panels the right selection for your project.


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