Fier’o Smoked Veneers

Fier’o series is a collection of premium smoked veneer species from all over the globe. The veneers are available in light to dark shades in brown and black with a vibrant choice of grain patterns. The finest wood species are picked from all over the world and put through hi-end fuming process to create natural hues; possible only in natural veneers.

Fumed veneers or smoked veneers are a result of exposing the veneer sheets to Ammonia gas. The process can go as long as 5 weeks depending upon the desired shade. After the shade has been achieved, the veneers dried, and heated to accelerate the drying process. The smoking process is completely environment friendly and adheres to our environmental policies.

The species of wood are sourced from across the globe and are put through the fuming process. The number of species that we smoke, allows us to produce the widest range of smoked veneers with consistent results, with the use of the most high end technical infrastructure.

You can immerse yourself in the world of Fier’o veneers here.