All You Need To Know About Founders Collection of Natural Veneers By Turakhia…

It has been a long and successful journey of 25 years and we at Turakhia Natural Veneers are delighted to mark this auspicious path in our veneering journey.

It has been an eventful passage which entailed mastering a variety of disciplines before achieving anything worthwhile and we sincerely thank all our brand specifying designers, supportive channel partners and dedicated team members who have been instrumental in reinforcing our leading position in the Indian veneering industry.… Read More

5 Reasons To Invest In Real Natural Veneers

Veneer is one of the most primary, adaptable building material known to a man for adding glimpse in the interior of his house, hotel, office, etc. and it also continues to play a important role in modern architecture. Using some of the purest woods from 200 unique and exotic species, Natural Veneers by Turakhia transforms them into a real natural veneer sheets without compromising with the quality to deliver the best.… Read More

Natflex Veneers

Natflex Veneers

Natural Veneers takes pride in being one of the handful companies in India that produce the flexible veneers. Natflex flexible veneers are required for decorating curved and complex surfaces.

The veneers are heated up to extremely high temperatures and then at high pressure, pressed to a non-woven fiber coated fleece.… Read More

Why are veneers so awesome?

More often than not, more people do get confused with veneered furniture and solid wood furniture.  Well, that’s the magic of the veneers. They look so good, at times, better than solid wood; that one cannot help but stop and stare at the magnificence.

The veneers are as exotic as the various species of wood but cheaper at the same time.… Read More

Butt Cut Veneers

Butt Cut veneers are a completely new concept in veneering world.

These veneers are made from logs that are cut horizontally instead of traditional standard or crown cut. These veneers when laid out well onto veneer panels give an exotic optical illusion of natural round logs stacked onto each other in a log yard.… Read More

NSD Veneers

A true connoisseur of art and beauty will always recognize it, even from miles away and will always want to be surrounded by best. No wonder if you are connoisseur, you will also want the best in veneer to adorn your furniture and space.

NSD veneers are made from the rarest of the wood species, which makes your space that is very exclusively designed.… Read More

Wood Vs. Plastic Veneers

The debate has been a long one, whether to go for wood veneers or plastic laminates. One is cheaper other gives appeal like no other.  Wood will look fantastic. It’s classy and suave. There are some reasons why you should choose wood over plastic.

  • Ecofriendly – Wood, naturally is an eco-friendly product, whereas plastic is not. 
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