Epitome of craftsmanship – Interno Veneers

Interno veneers are made with the best craftsmanship experience. Our veneering experience of more than 20 years has given us understanding of achieving the best aesthetic quality along with rigidity of the veneers.

Interno veneers are a concoction of multiple veneer strips that are laid in a mix-n-match pattern. This placement gives the final veneer sheets the illusion of solid wood planks. The exclusivity of strip placements gives widest possible grain variations to the surfaces, making them very unique. Interno veneers are handmade by the best artisans. They place veneers of widths from 12 to 25mm  together which shows the wood grains’ variations.

The veneer sheets are available in sizes 8’, 10’ and 12’ give you the flexibility of having seamless surfaces on your applications. Wider surfaces can be covered without joining of multiple sheets by larger veneer sheets whereas smaller sheets are useful for smaller surfaces, which helps reduce wastage. The hardwood backing ply gives the veneers their structural stability and makes them sturdy for any surface and with the water resistant glue line gives you an assurance of protection from accidental spills, atmospheric moisture, etc. The veneers sheets won’t come off so easily due to water contact.

Interno style placement gives surface aesthetics similar to solid wood planks placed side-by-side.