Backlit mosaics that let your imagination run free

Peridote is a part of the Gemss Radiance wood mosaics. Before one understands what Peridote is, understanding Gemss Radiance is very important.

Gemss Radiance is an innovation by Natural Veneers. It is a novel combination of wood with coloured resins. This unique combination takes the functionality of wood to a new level.

Illusion is the main source of inspiration for Peridote. Gentle circles are spread across the surface of the Peridote. These circles give out an illusion of backlit water droplets on the surface. This illisionary surface designs let the mind of the beholder fly into deep realms of imaginations.

The intricate design of Peridote is backed by ease of use, the tiles come with peel and stick glue line which makes it easy for you apply them on almost any backlit surface.

The translucent coloured resins allow the light from this backlit surface permeate through them, giving a mesmerizing look to your surfaces.