Butt Cut veneers are a completely new concept in veneering world.

These veneers are made from logs that are cut horizontally instead of traditional standard or crown cut. These veneers when laid out well onto veneer panels give an exotic optical illusion of natural round logs stacked onto each other in a log yard.

All veneers are unique in their designs, which are dependent on the rings of the log. Varying the placement of butt veneers can lead of an array of designs that can hardly be replicated. These veneers are made from round logs.

These are the most exotic veneers that showcase the concentric growth pattern in decorative wood species. You get an illusion of logs that are placed in a yard when the veneers are kept side by side.

Such round logs, due to their shape, cannot be traditionally used in standard veneering. After painstaking efforts in R&D, we have now made it possible with the introduction of Butt Cut veneers. These veneers are an effort towards our policy of being eco-friendly.