Caring for wood furniture

Wood furniture can be the real art pieces in our homes but most often the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning them. We only realize it after years of uncaring deteriorates them. Simple care for your wood furniture can sustain them for years to come.

Wood furniture present at our homes is very prone being defaced by simple things like dust. Dust deposits on the surface and scratches. Use a light duster, preferably feather duster to wipe off the dust. Make sure that no quills are broken. Broken quills can scratch the surfaces and make them worse. Lamb’s wool duster is another great resource to clean the dust off the surfaces.

Cleaning wood with water is usually not advocated, but some tough grime and stains may not go otherwise. If the need be, use warm water with mild soap. Dip the cloth and wring it dry. After you are done, wipe with a dry cloth. Wipe along the grain of the wood so that you don’t get cross grain scratches.

Make sure to keep wood away from direct sunlight. Wood can get damaged easily if exposed to sun – it can lose its finish and fade and also cause wood to crack.

Get it polished professionally and have a layer of protective coating applied once in several years to add longevity to you furniture.