Caring for your veneered furniture

Veneered furniture is as prone to damage as solid wood furniture. But with simple care your veneered furniture can go look as good as new for a really long time. Normal wear and tear can cause some issues but with periodical cleaning and care, the life of your furniture can be elongated.

1. Dusting is the easiest way to keep the surfaces clean. Dust is a bit abrasive, so rubbing before dusting can leave scratches on the surfaces. Dusting periodically can prevent dust accumulation on the surface and keep the surfaces shiny.

2. To clean the surfaces, dampen a soft cloth, preferably cotton or microfiber cloth. Wring to remove excess water, and wipe along the grain of the surface.Use a dry soft cloth to wipe again.

3. Never use harsh detergents and soaps to clean. Just water is your friend here. You can use mild soaps for hard to remove stains.

4. Use mats and coasters to prevent staining from food and beverages. Hey, prevention is better than cure. The bases of utensils and glasses can scratch the surface of your furniture. Use coasters or mats that are made from textiles to create a soft base.

5. As far as possible, avoid exposing your furniture to direct sunlight. Sunlight can fade the surface and ruin the finish of your furniture.

Simple and regular care of your furniture can make it look stunning for years to come. Make sure you pay attention to details.