So you are choosing veneers for your furniture and having a hard time choosing something because of its looks. Many times it happens that while choosing between veneers, one gets confused due to the looks and the budget. There is a simple technique for choosing veneers to decorate your furniture.

The front part or the side that is seen the most should have the best looking and the most premium veneer that fits in your budget. As this is the side that will be seen the most, you want it to look the best.

Then are the sides that are not seen often. This is generally true with furniture like wardrobes and cupboards. The insides are not seen when it is closed. These areas are not on display and can do with the slight lower quality of veneers. You can save up a lot with this technique.

For the sides that are not visible at all, choose with the plainest veneers. Sides like the back and under part can have the veneers with basic aesthetic appeal.

When you follow this technique, you have more budget to spend on the premium veneers for the places that matter the most and making your furniture look best.