Do not assume the veneer you order will match your sample.

Veneer samples are examples of the identical species and quality, but they won’t essentially match our current inventory . The reason is, thanks to wood variation from one tree to a different.

Veneer inside the identical wood species will vary in grain and color

Wood could be a natural material, with variation in color, texture, and figure. Some species are a lot of similar than others, however, most can have some color variation. To confirm higher color consistency, ask for veneer selected from the identical log.

Understand basic veneer language

In discussing veneer, you may typically hear and skim words and phrases that are distinctive to the veneer trade. You may additionally when ordering your product, use correct terms that can eliminate mistakes and save dealers from time delays. Natural Veneers by Turakhia can make your work was easy.

Choosing the correct veneer makes a distinction

Large comes to need lots of matching veneer. To confirm even greater uniformity in look, opt for a wood species that produces giant sequences. This allows you to induce most continuity of grain from one single log. Simply keep in mind that enormous is less crucial.

Buy veneer of the identical sheet size

In order to realize an honest match and a glance almost like that, it should be in your best interest to choose all sheets of the same size and species. This can guarantee all veneer is comparable. You may pay some further bucks however the tip results are well worthwhile.

Use premium veneer on high visibility areas

The project will demand completely different stress and still create a very unique outcome. Areas such as shelves, back, insides and undersides of cabinets and furniture don’t require premium veneer. Put your money on high visibility areas.

Get enough veneer to complete your Project

As a precaution, you may order further sheets of same veneer simply just in case something was miscalculated or for pleasing visual effects. Otherwise, it can be troublesome to re-order a lot of veneer from the identical lot or that matches what you have already got even when some days.

Purchase with a high-quality supporter

Professionals are totally aware that exploitation the proper backing material is totally necessary. Several factors should be considered once selecting backings like the adhesive for bonding, the substrate you utilize and therefore the stability and sturdiness required for your project.

Use the correct adhesive and application methodology

There is a variety of techniques and products on how to use wood veneer to a layer lying underneath another. Polyvinyl acetate or carbamide methanal glues have many qualities that create them superior to all or any different glues. Good results may be achieved with contact cement. However, always follow the adhesive manufacturer application instruction.

Give as several details as attainable once ordering

If you would like to get an amazing outcome from your order, provide as many details. It can be attainable like quality, color, sequence matching, measurements, varieties of cuts, etc. Incomplete or incorrect details may cause a delay to process your order and can lead to receiving incorrect material for the task.

Veneered panels stability

Balancing the panel with a supporter sheet is crucial in deciding dimensional stability and therefore the structural performances. Even small veneered lay-ups need back-veneering to avoid warp. Use the same veneer if either side is visible or a more cost-effective supporter veneer for the rear facet.

Educate your customers

As associate degree skilled, you may be gaining your customer’s trust because of guiding them into creating smarter choices. You may educate your customers with varied wood veneer product and their uses; you may take them through the options, facilitate them with the choice and explain the advantages. this can lead to a lot of glad clients.

Matching existing veneer

Although no matching is ideal, matching existing veneer will yield astonishingly sensible results. Getting a sample from the present piece or from an honest digital or color photograph also will get you close up the match. Matching is an art and each effort put to create to match the grain pattern, color, and end thereto of the present veneer.

Inform yourself

Working with veneers are often somewhat technical and usually requires specialized information for winning project results. We at Natural Veneers give safety tips and what tools to use sure as shooting procedures. Don’t be afraid to raise queries. Call one in each of our consultants to induce the fundamentals beneath your belt!

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