TOPL has always been committed to act in an environmentally responsible manner. For this very reason TOPL extends unconditional support to sustainable forest management practices. It proactively looks to encourage organizations following sustainable forest management practices. TOPL has been awarded with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) chain-of-custody certificate issued by The Rainforest Alliance in January 2009. TOPL prefers dealing with companies supporting environmental causes not only in their purchases but also in sales.

TOPL is also very active in marketing FSC certified material to the architectural and design community of India in order to create awareness in the material specifying community. “These guys are the real decision makers. Once we make them aware about the need to use wood and allied products coming out of certified sources, regardless of which organization they buy from, they will always go for wood material coming out of organizations following or supporting sustainable forest management practices” said Mr. Arpan Turakhia, Director Sales & Marketing when questioned about TOPL’s post FSC certified marketing and sales efforts.