Gemss Radiance Wood Mosaics are an amazing innovation in the world of surfacing materials. It is a first of its kind unique combination of wood with colored resins that take functionality of wood surfaces to the next level. Gemss Radiance is designed to recreate the magic of onyx stone with natural & fumed wood.

The Gemss Radiance Citrine series exudes elegance like no other. The backlit surfaces are brought to attention by the symmetry between the pieces. The translucent resins allow light to permeate through them and thus create a refreshing atmosphere all around the space.

The modern design styles are lent to the space in which the wood mosaics are applied. The vibrant and reinvigorating colour palette is unmatched and makes your space look ultra modern. The horizontal and vertical grains in every sheet add grace to the overall aesthetics.

Chic and stylish patterns on the surface make it a truly astounding work of art in themselves and will intensify your taste of the class.