In today’s world, spaces are designed very aesthetically and care is taken to match everything perfectly. Saws, files and chisels make sure that everything is smooth and blends in perfectly. In this process many a times, the wood loses its natural beauty and becomes a part of some lifeless piece of furniture.


Wood has its natural beauty that can lend its aura to the space. Traditionally, a skilled craftsman could make a piece of furniture into a work of art. Today there are not many craftsmen who can do that, mainly due to the ready to use wood that is available today. This makes the furniture look dull and not stand out in the space.

Gemss Sapphire Exotic retains the charm of natural wood that it lends to the space in which it is used. The lightweight wood mosaics can be easily applied to almost any surface. The flexible fabric backing ensures that it fits like a glove on curved surfaces.


The wood mosaics can applied very easily by anyone and still retain its charm which is lent to the space in which it is applied.