Gemss wood mosaics are an innovative way to design your spaces and furniture.  Gemss wood mosaics are the quintessential surfacing materials if you want your personality to be highlighted in your designs. Today we showcase the Gemms made with Sapphire specie. There are some variations, each depending upon the design in which they are made. Every design has its own unique essence that is lent to your application.


Drawing inspiration from the concept of illusion, the sleek lines of the rough cut have been appreciated by the entire design community. The refreshing attitude in design spreads over atmosphere in which these surfaces are applied.

Sapphire Exotic:

Sapphire Exotics envelope you with their most modern and trendy charisma originating from natural wood as soon as you step into a room in which they are used.

Sapphire Exquisite:

When you step into an area that is completely surrounded by Nature, you get a sense of tranquility and are mesmerized by the beauty that it presents. Sapphire exquisite captures this essence perfectly itself and leaves you breathless. There is a faultless fusion of symmetry and style.

Sapphire Glorious:

Sapphire Glorious is all about sophisticated elegance. Rough Cut wood with multiple thicknesses accentuates the beauty of any contemporary interiors. It indulges you into a feeling of royalty.

Sapphire Splendid:

Minimalism is something that is very hard to achieve. Especially when you have to attain the grandeur, simplicity and refinement in it.

Sapphire Bricks:

Infuse simplicity with class and what you get is bold nature that will make its presence felt everywhere. Sapphire Bricks creates this environment around itself which makes you feel confident and vitalizes your mind.