Gemss Radiance wood mosaics are unique and innovative, backlit wood surfacing materials. They lend a never before seen aura to space with the most modern and artistic designs. The series is a result of meticulous hardwork, which well appreciated by the architects, interiors and others from the faculty.

Tourmaline is one such design series from the Gemss Radiance. The core attraction of the series lies in the intricate pattern of end grain wood that affects the proportions of back light. Tourmaline is available in 6 different colours, which can lend a distinctive appeal to the space in which they are applied.

The perfect dimension of the 300mm x 300mm ensures that you have ease of application and reduced wastage. The pre-glued back helps in quick and easy application on the surface, whereas the flexible fleece backing makes it possible to apply on any surface.

The high grade pigmented polyester resin helps in the backlit application, which is the main attraction of these wood mosaics.

The tourmaline wood mosaics are a perfect for those places wherein plush appeal is necessary and at the same time make the space look exclusive.

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