Natural is proud to announce the launch of “Naturals Speciality Division (NSD)”. NSD offers all exclusive specialty and rare products from all over the world. The products currently includes following:


• World’s RAREST and UNIQUE veneer species

• Panello Veneers: Unique veneer placement pattern to replicate look solid wood furniture

Rough Cut Veneers: An Interzum Award winning natural rough cut veneer range in more than 20 exotic veneer species.(Awarded by Red DOT projects, Germany). This range replicates look of sawn lumber furniture.

• CRACKS Veneers: Retains inherent surface cracks on veneers to replicate look of rustic or antique solid wood furniture

Advantedge: Decorative Veneer Edge banding rolls (0.5mm, 1mm & 2mm thickness) in all natural decorative veneer species.