Naturally Weathered Veneers

Old is gold, and this expression is especially true in case of furniture. Antique furniture has a lot of value in the modern period. The fact that it has remained intact over the period of time is in itself a testament to the build quality of this furniture.

The surface aesthetics of aged veneers exude sophistication unlike even the most modern furniture pieces. Many carpenters and designers try to replicate this effect but fail miserably. The natural process of veneer aging cannot be replicated.

Naturally aged veneers have this rustic look that arises from exposure to natural elements like sunlight, rain water, snowfall, humidity, moisture, etc. All these natural elements work their magic for years over the veneers and give the surface a natural foggy effect.

We at Natural have found a way to catalyse this natural aging process so that you get the old wood charm to your furniture pieces without the wait of aging, in Weathered Veneers. We have combined this charm with over 15 different species for wood, resulting into very sophisticated shades of surface colours. The shades of Weathered veneers when applied in your space lead you into a world that is far beyond the realms of human imagination.