The majestic Weathered Veneers


Weathered veneers have this old wood charm that is generally seen in the antique furniture. Such furniture pieces have grayish, faded surfaces that make them look immaculate. The aura lent out by these furniture pieces is simply enthralling; it makes the whole space look lavish.

The surface aesthetics that develop on such veneers embrace in themselves the natural sophistication. The elements of the Mother Nature work in a magnificent harmony to nurture and develop these veneers, which makes these veneers so perfect.

Every element has its own definitive role to play on the upbringing of these veneers. The sunshine, the wind, the rain, the snow, everyone come together to add their own flavour and characteristic to the otherwise simple veneers. These characteristics are showcased in the texture and the colour of the veneers.

The veneers placed below are just some examples of what the Weathered veneers look like after years of care and nurture of Mother Nature.