Up until now, Gemss wood mosaics have decorating space with designs were never seen before. The design patterns were very contemporary and stunning. There were a few accolades and some words of appreciation that came along the way. But there was something missing; also our desire to outdo ourselves did not nestle calmly.

Pondering thoughtfully at our designs of Gemss wood mosaics made us see between the lines, beyond them. There was a different angle to looking at them. A completely new dimension of design that was a mine of concepts that would flood the imaginative corners of our brains. The existing range of Gemss Mosaics had a classic character and texture but there wasn’t much happening in the third dimension – They were flat! So the results had a completely new dimension and texture; texture that was visible.

1. Siam

Siam Edelsteins presents most unique woods that come together to create a natural masterpiece. Best described as a wonderful piece of art, gifted by nature.

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2. Fuchsia

Fuschia Edelsteins captures stacked unedged timber planks in its most contemporary form. Configured precisely to recreate its natural form.

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3. Sear Ruby

Sear Ruby Edelsteins brings to the fore extraordinary placement patterns for individually entwurfed wood pieces.

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4. Spinel

Geometrically inspired shapes juxtaposed with distinctive profiles lends Spinel Edelsteins with an adventurous styling.

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5. Erinite

Erinite Edelsteins captures essence of minimalism. Crafted in subtle profiles to soothe the senses.

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6. Olivine

Gemss Olivine are timeless wood mosaics. The surface pattern are simple yet add a luxuriance unlike any other. The splendour of these wood mosaics will shine on forever.

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These new Gemss Wood Mosaics adopt a vogue design themes, and will lend this vogue to your spaces when you apply them in your creations.