HAVING a tough TIME DECIDING that WOOD sort QUALIFY FOR a high -quality FURNITURE?

Don’t worry! With substantial analysis and experiences in the article of furniture internal control by Natural Veneers by Turakhia, here’s an inventory that may ease your load.

All exposed components are the product of a similar species of all-natural wood, with no different materials enclosed, like plyboard or fibreboard.


  • Looks natural.
  • Durable.
  • A range of concerning 9-60 customizable stain and end choices. Not solely are you able to choose your color of preference, you’ll decide if you’d like your piece distressed, antiqued, shiny or matte. (laminated layers have restricted options)
  • Highly fixable, if one thing bumps or falls on a solid wood piece of article of furniture, or if a district of it breaks fully, it may be repaired. However, if a solid wood table prime were dinged, the total prime would want to be refinished. you’ll not enhance only one spot.


  • Expensive.
  • More time required for manufacturing.
  • Susceptible to rending, cracking, distortion and general movement, because of forceful variations in humidness and temperature from the piece’s place of origin to the placement with a drier climate.
  • ( If you’re aware of those changes throughout the year, you’re doubtless to possess few issues with a solid wood product. )


Refers to thin slices of wood, typically dilutant than three metric linear units (1/8 inch), that generally are pasted onto core panels (particle board or medium-density fiberboard) to supply flat panels like doors, topnotch and panels for cupboards, parquet floors and components of the article of furniture.


  • Lower price purpose.
  • Easily refinished, don’t have to be compelled to coat the total prime like solid wood. (But restricted supported the thickness of the piece’s veneer. you’d have to be compelled to be cautious of sanding through it, associate degree irreversible mistake.)
  • Less time to manufacture.
  • Wood veneer on plywood/MDF has higher proof against distortion than solid wood.


  • Durability base on the inner wood sort (plywood/MDF/particleboard) and therefore the thickness of veneer wood.
  • Limited end choices.

Why choose Wood Veneers?

1) Most high finish article of furniture is built of thick veneers on plywood/MDF.

2) Veneer vary from zero.6mm,1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.2mm, 3.2mm – the thicker it’s the additional sturdy and serviceable long term the merchandise is.

3) Don’t confuse veneer wood with laminate.

Veneer = Real Wood Layer

Laminate = Paper/Plastic Layer

4) The actual fact that a product is created from solid wood is usually touted in advertisements.

DO NOT DISMISS VENEERED article of furniture RIGHT OFF THE BAT. WELL VENEERED article of furniture can LAST FOR YEARS AND it’s EVEN abundant sturdy THAN MOST SOLID WOOD article of furniture.

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