Gemss Wood mosaics are introduced for making your space look the most exclusive, but exclusiveness is something that can be achieved after careful planning and execution. Gemss wood mosaics allow your imaginative side to wander freely while designing your space. Gemss is your ticket to designing spaces that have a touch of elegance as well as show off persona of the person who spends his time in it.

Gemss empowers you, the designer, the visionary, to come with ideas that can make very creative and elite use of wood. The wood mosaics are backed with a flexible fleece that allows the surfaces to be applied on any types of shapes – conventional and unconventional. The surfaces are made in very application friendly dimensions ensuring that the wastage is reduced and the craftsman can make optimum use of available resources. We all know that the natural aura of the wood is simply exquisite and almost impossible to replicate with anything else. Gemss helps you attain this effortlessly.

Gemss wood mosaics are a result of our resolution to produce very eco-friendly products and make optimum use of the natural resources.

Gemss wood mosaics enable to create well-crafted sophisticated surfaces without the skills of traditional craftsman within limited time. Gemss should be an important component in your palette of exclusive materials for interior design, visual appeal of surfaces, forms & spaces you design. Gemss can be used to add exclusivity & uniqueness to your work.