Natflex veneers have put us among the crème de la crème of veneer manufacturers in India who can produce flexible veneers. Flexible veneers are required to create stunning 3 dimensional furniture applications that have intricate design lines. Having veneers that can take the form of the base structure lets the artist explore newer design patterns and experiment with different styles.

To get such flexibility in the Natflex veneers, these veneer sheets are put through a special flexer machine that breaks the grain and thus allows the veneer to be bent at very low radii. These veneers are also fleece backed to offer a greater strength.

Natflex veneers are available in almost all the popular veneer species. This allows you to create matching applications to your other furniture. These flexible veneers let you delve deep into the chasms of imaginations, to create out-of-this-world furniture applications.