There are various types of wood and veneers available and can be classified in various aspects:

Based on density:

Wood and veneers can be classified into 3 categories: namely softwood, semi-hardwood and hardwood based on the density it has.

Any wood that has a density of less than 450 kg/cube meter, it would be termed as SOFTWOOD. Eg: Pine, Spruce Larch, etc.

Any wood that has a density between 450-650 kg/ cubic meter, it would be categorized SEMI HARDWOOD. Eg: Birch, Malaysian woods, etc.

Higher the density of wood, higher is the strength of timber and longer is the cycle time to grow.

Based on Decorative Value:

Woods and veneers can also be classified into COMMERCIAL wood and veneers and DECORATIVE wood and veneers based on the decorative and aesthetic value it possesses.

Commercial woods and veneers are generally used in the production of commercial wood-based products like plywood, flush doors, and blockboards.

Decorative woods and veneers are generally used in all types of architectural, interior and decorative application purpose.

Based on Origin:

Woods and veneers can also be classified based on their origin of birth or area where they grow.

Trees grow throughout the world. The weather condition, soil condition, and climatic conditions are pretty different in different parts of the world.

Due to this, there are various breeds to a tree that grows throughout the world which has different grain structures, color, density, and characters properties.

Decorative wood and veneers are mainly sourced from North America, South America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Burma, Indonesia and India.

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