Wood veneer is the finest expression of wood. A veneer is a thin layer of wood which is cut from a log. The main difference with solid wood is that solid wood is sawn from a log. This produces more waste than when cutting wood veneer. In other words, processing a log into veneer lets us maximize the added value that we can obtain from a log. No other natural product is able to offer this unique added value. Natural Veneers by Turakhia has developed its activities entirely around this sustainable and exquisite raw material

What are the veneer sheets?

You can understand the answer to the question of what is veneer sheets better if you consider the meaning of the term veneer. The term veneer means a very thin coating over a solid material that is done to achieve an attractive looking surface.

Likewise, veneer sheet refers to a thin sheet of material that is glued to a solid material, so that the solid unattractive piece now looks exotic and expensive though only a thin sheet of expensive material in the form of the veneer is wrapped around it. the veneer is just 1/8th inches in thickness

At Turakhia Natural Veneers We Put to use varied techniques and process to augment and intensity veneer surface aesthetics. Same wood species could be seen in a lot of different lights when viewed through the lens of varied veneer processing techniques

4mm Decorative Veneer panels can be further treated with value added processes.

Rough Cut

‘Rough Cut’ veneer panels are unique substitute for swan lumber paneling. Rough – cut veneers are way more eco – friendly and cost efficient in relation to swan lumber for interiors wherein the rustic look is preferred.


With Distressed Wood look gaining popularity in the furniture market, Natural Veneers have developed a unique technique to impart a distressed look to veneer surfaces.


‘Faded’ veneers showcase a distinctly modern look on the wood surface. A dash of bright colors add a unique charm to veneer finish and makes it a tenable surfacing alternative for most contemporary interior concepts.


‘Feel’ veneers bring in a fresh approach to texture veneers where we infuse naturally occurring patterns onto veneers. Designing ends with material selection, nature then continues by imprinting one of its forms onto another.


‘Thunder’ veneers showcase natural cracks in veneers in a very different light by filing colored acrylics in them. The look is achieved by carefully handcrafting acrylic into veneer cracks to derive a modern look.


Gold Inlay is the process of decorating furniture with wood veneers and other decorative materials inlaid into furniture to form arabesque, floral, figurative and other pictorial designs. Parquetry utilizes the same processes, but to form geometric patterns.

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