Since the inception of Turakhia Overseas Private Limited in 1994, it has been our aim to be the most environmentally friendly company with the most Natural products. Till date we have not diverged from our vision and continuously work towards keeping it so.

To reach at this stage there is a lot of expertise that is at work, expertise that has been gained over the years of hardwork. It all starts getting the right raw materials. The veneers log that is chosen to be used to make veneers by our specialists who have a hands on experience of many years. They have to work with symphony with our international suppliers, to get the right logs that are scattered in the forests world over.

The selected logs are then sorted as per their size, colour and character. After grading, it is easy to identify the usage of each log.

Wood is an important resource for us. It can be used to provide fuel, shelter, and other luxuries and necessities. Just like any other natural resource, it is our duty to use this resource judiciously.

We at Natural Veneers ensure that this resource is used to the optimum, and the wastage is kept to a minimum. We respect our Mother Nature because she gives us everything to live.

Due to our responsible efforts we have been conferred with various certifications and recognition from prestigious organisations like FSC, WWF, and IGBC. We take pride in our work methodology and also urge you to carry the philosophy when using our products to design and develop your furniture applications.