We, at Natural Veneers, have always believed in providing our customers with a total range of veneers with all possible colours and sizes. Hence, we launched veneer sheets of sizes 10feet x 4feet and 12feet x 4feet in 2011. Consistent innovation in the products a company offers determines its standing in the market. Therefore, we try to present all the possible variants of veneers.


We later came up with 20-25 species of veneers in 10 feet and 12 feet length in a span of 3 months. Some of the veneers which were made available are Stonewood, Sassafras, Golden Swirl, Ebony, Coreal, Eucalyptus, Black Alder, Wenghe, Sapeli and Walnut. The overwhelming response to the previous plain veneers, made us look beyond what we have, and the result was as exhilarating as it could have been. These new species of veneers had longer lengths and offered grain continuation on longer spans without visible breaks. Mr. Arpan Turakhia, Director of Marketing & Sales was quoted saying, “The longer length veneer is a must these days. This is the reason we try hard to source as many species as possible in longer lengths. It is a painful exercise considering the number of species that you have to make available for it to make sense from a user stand point.” With the recent boom in the real estate sector, the vision of the team at Natural Veneers was a step ahead of its time. A well calculated risk and decision that in the long run proved fruitful for the customers proving that it takes a Leader to lead the pack.