Everybody loves to decorate their house as per their liking. We want our space to have a persona that mirrors our likes and lifestyle. Wood veneers are the best way to decorate your furniture. You can give a most contemporary look or the most traditional look to your furniture. Skilled woodworkers can make entirely new furniture and still make it look antique, something that has been passed down for generations.

Some furnitures demand for specific types of veneers. You cannot apply any other type. Just like curved surfaces of your furniture. Normal veneers cannot be applied on curved surfaces. Dedicated and specialized veneers that can bend are a need here. Natflex veneers are your answer.

These veneers are made extremely flexible by pressing them at high temperature & high pressure to a non-woven fiber coated fleece. Flexed veneers are fleece backed and put through a flexer machine that makes them very flexible, giving them their unique feature. The flexer machine makes flexible enough to have a very low bending radii.

You get almost the entire normal veneer species fleece backed, so that you can have a uniform appeal all over. Now you don’t have to compromise to get similar look. You can get the same design on flat as well as the curved surfaces.

The veneers are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm which can be applied as per requirements and are also available in standard as well as custom sizes. So you can get what you want and how you want.

The strength of the backing is supplemented by impregnation with moisture resistant polyvinyl acetate adhesive. The veneers are very sturdy so that you have a peace of mind.

All these factors help you in making your furniture very beautiful and sturdy at the same time.