Limited Edition Gemss Fuchsia Wood Mosaics

Gemss Fuchsia Wood Mosaics are the quintessence of the modern wood mosaic designs. These limited edition wood mosaics have been developed after an in-depth research into the modern design trends, and with a will to surpass the standards set by the modern design industry.

The designers at Natural have turned all the pages of old books to find out the niche that was left by the designs in the past, and then have fused the findings with the demands from modern designs to create what is now known as Gemss Fuchsia.… Read More

Revitalise with Gemss Jasper Glorious

Revitalise with Gemss Jasper Glorious

Today’s life has become very hectic and stressful. In this busy and tiring life, there are but a handful of things that can cheer the mind and body. Having a peaceful mind is of utmost importance in today’s fast paced world. A peaceful mind reduces stress and lets you think straight and make right decisions.… Read More

Gemss Radiance

Gemms wood mosaics are revolution in designing your space with wood.  Gemss helps you create elegant surfaces that seem to have created by an expert craftsman. Gemss lends a never before seen aura to space with the most modern and artistic designs.

The designers at Natural Veneers could not keep their calm after coming up with the marvelous series called Gemss.… Read More