Raw eloquence of Gemss Fuchsia

Gemss Fuchsia Wood Mosaics are the quintessence of the modern wood mosaic designs. These wood mosaics have been developed after an in-depth research into the modern design trends, and with a will to surpass the standards set by the modern design industry.

The designers at Natural have turned all the pages of old books to find out the niche that was left by the designs in the past, and then have fused the findings with the demands from modern designs to create what is now known as Gemss Fuchsia.… Read More

Make curved furniture with ease!


Natflex is one of the very exclusive products of Natural Veneers. We are one of the handful companies in India that produce such flexible veneers that can be mounted on curved surfaces. Such flexibility allows you to create artistic furniture applications without much hassle.

To add such flexibility, the fleece backed veneers are “Flexed” through a special grain breaking machine called Flexer.… Read More

The innovative edge banding solutions

Until now, edge banding was a craftsmen’s headache. It used to be a tedious process to create edging for the furniture applications.  There weren’t many ready to use solutions, and those that were available were very generic and hence could not allow the craftsmen to create seamless surfaces. Or else they would have to create edging strips from the veneer sheets.… Read More

Majestic Weathered Veneers

Weathered veneers are a unique collection of veneers that lend a well worn, antique look onto fresh furniture applications. The design pattern of these veneers lays a distressed surface look on the furniture. The grey colour scheme of this collection applies an allure of real old wood furniture.

This old world charm is combined with 15 exclusive species of wood to fuse the character of these species with the appearance of “Weathered”, to create some mind-blowing combination on the veneers.  … Read More

The Mystical Gemss Radiance Wood Mosaics

Gemss Radiance Wood Mosaics are here to let you explore the fresh new ideas for imaginative use of wood in the spaces that you design…


Gemss Radiance Wood Mosaics are here to enhance the richness of indoor spaces in a sustainable manner with minimum wastage…


For innovative possibilities of using wood on unconventional surfaces of any size and shape, for all the flexibility of non-wooden materials without compromising on the exquisiteness of wood and the warmth that it adds…


AND to create well-crafted sophisticated surfaces without the skills of traditional craftsmen within limited time, use Gemss in your palette of exclusive materials for interior design, visual appeal of surfaces, forms & spaces you design.… Read More

Evergreen Veneers – The All Time Classics


Evergreen series of veneers are those that are widely acclaimed species of wood. The veneers made from these wood species never go out of style. People keeping come back to these species for their preferred choice of veneers, time and again! These species – teak, walnut, rosewood, ebony, etc., are timeless classics that never go out of trend.… Read More

Natural souvenir for our amazing architects

At Natural, we have the talented architects visit our office and factory all the time. They are invited to understand how we design and create veneers, wood mosaics, and other wooden products. When the architects want to visit our factory, our directors are personally present at the factory to welcome the architects.… Read More

New dimensions in the Gemss Wood Mosaics

New dimensions in the Gemss Wood Mosaics

Up until now, Gemss wood mosaics have decorating space with designs were never seen before. The design patterns were very contemporary and stunning. There were a few accolades and some words of appreciation that came along the way. But there was something missing; also our desire to outdo ourselves did not nestle calmly.… Read More

Grandeur of Natural Veneers

Turakhia Overseas Private Limited was founded in 1994 in India as a specialised veneering in company.We have taken big strides by innovating concepts such as Gemss Radiance, Weathered Veneers, Stone veneers, Palm veneers, and much, much more.

Since our inception we have set up units to manufacture sliced veneers, veneer edge banding rolls, backlit illuminated wooden surfaces, flexible veneers, and many other wood based products.… Read More

Siam, the natural masterpieces


Gemss Siam wood mosaics are made from pieces are various pieces of wood. The arrangement of the pieces make the mosaics look like masterpieces. Each tile looks like an artwork made by mother nature herself.

Each tile of Siam mosaics is feather light, making it easy on your applications.

The backing on each Siam tile flexible.… Read More