Soothing Gemss Radiance Chrysolite


One can never resist the charm of interiors that are well made. The aura that these interiors have, has a mesmerizing effect. This is what we intended when we designed the Gemss Radiance Chrysolite wood mosaics. These mosaics have the soft curves that give out the calmness. The design pattern also enhances the surface appearance of the application.… Read More

Soothing Gemss Jasper Glorious

Jasper Glorious

Life, now, has become very stressful and hectic. The mind is always working and concentrating on work or other important issues. Tiredness and fatigue set in very quickly and we are not able to relax with peace of mind. Medicines and pills are just temporary, and taking too much medicines is also not good for health.… Read More

An Innovation in Edge Banding

At Natural Veneers, we have always strived to make the best! Our motivation to be at the top level of quality standards as well as to enable users to create top notch designs has led us to come up Advantedge Edge Banding. These edge banding veneers are top notch edging solutions that enable you to get seamless surfaces on your applications.… Read More

Brilliant Butt Cut Veneers

Butt Cut veneers are an innovative concept in the world of veneering, by Natural Veneers. Traditionally the wooden logs are cut vertically, but in Butt Cut veneers, the logs are cut horizontally across the annual rings.

When such veneers are placed over each other, they give an illusion of the logs placed on top of each other.… Read More

The adventurous Gemss Radiance Amethyst

Mother Nature has a bounty of resources that can enhance our lives dramatically. From providing all the luxuries to calming a distressed mind, everything can be had from Nature. Only one needs to be very patient and look into the fine aspects.

With Gemss Radiance Amethyst we have aimed at harnessing this potential of Nature so that your spaces can look truly mesmerizing.

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The flexible Natflex veneers

Natflex veneers have put us among the crème de la crème of veneer manufacturers in India who can produce flexible veneers. Flexible veneers are required to create stunning 3 dimensional furniture applications that have intricate design lines. Having veneers that can take the form of the base structure lets the artist explore newer design patterns and experiment with different styles.… Read More

The Magnanimous Stone Veneers


Natural Veneers takes pride in innovation of the Stone Veneers. These veneers have a unique placement pattern as they are handmade. The individual pieces from the rare species of timber are put together in a random pattern to create visually stunning surfaces.

As the name suggests, Stone veneers replicate the look of a hard stone surface.… Read More

Wavy Ripples on you furniture!

Waves are one of nature’s most exquisite designs. Naturally occurring waves in things created by nature, makes them very striking. Nature has brought this marvelous design patterns to wood as well.

In Ripple Veneers we showcase these waves as an optical illusion. The optical illusion is caused by the unique distortion in the natural, veneer grains.… Read More

Backlit mosaics that let your imagination run free

Backlit mosaics that let your imagination run free

Peridote is a part of the Gemss Radiance wood mosaics. Before one understands what Peridote is, understanding Gemss Radiance is very important.

Gemss Radiance is an innovation by Natural Veneers. It is a novel combination of wood with coloured resins. This unique combination takes the functionality of wood to a new level.… Read More

The premium Fier’o Veneers

The premium Fier’o Veneers

Premium wood veneers have never been better. Fier’o is a collection of smoked veneers that are made from exotic veneer species sourced from all over the globe. The exclusivity of this series lies in the variation of shades of brown and black, and in the grain patterns.… Read More