Natural Veneers’ Architects’ Meet September, 2014 – Raipur, Chattisgarh Arcitects

Natural Veneers had hosted an architects’ meet at our factory in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 6th September, 2014. The architects from the Raipur, Chattisgarh were invited to visit the factory and to understand the various veneering processes that are undertaken in the factory.

The architects were given the guided tour of the entire factory wherein they were explained all the processes undergone by the wood to become the beautiful veneers.… Read More

Oddly refreshing Natural Tree Veneers

Veneers are generally made in a specific size dimensions that are accepted widely. Logs of wood from which veneers are made are cut as per these dimensions and while cutting, the natural shapes on veneer faces can be lost. These shapes are very unique and can make distinguish such veneers from the rest.… Read More

Gemss Radiance Citrine Backlit Wood Mosaics

Gemss Radiance Wood Mosaics are an amazing innovation in the world of surfacing materials. It is a first of its kind unique combination of wood with colored resins that take functionality of wood surfaces to the next level. Gemss Radiance is designed to recreate the magic of onyx stone with natural & fumed wood.… Read More

Illusionary Volcano Veneers

Illusionary Volcano Veneers

Volcano veneers are an augmentation of the Rough Cut veneers but with an exception of diagonal grain undulations which creates an optical illusion. Rough Cut veneers are unique substitute for sawn lumber paneling.

Optical illusion of paneling made by profiled solid wood which adds increases the variety of surfaces veneered with solid wood.… Read More

Gemss Pearl Wood Mosiacs

Gemss Pearl Wood Mosiacs can make any piece of furniture into an alluring piece of art. The cross cut wood grains help the designers to embark upon a gracious design flow in the furniture piece which is further augmented by the subtle curves and smooth arcs.

Each mosiac tile weighs at the most 450 gms.… Read More

Caring for wood furniture

Caring for wood furniture

Wood furniture can be the real art pieces in our homes but most often the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning them. We only realize it after years of uncaring deteriorates them. Simple care for your wood furniture can sustain them for years to come.

Wood furniture present at our homes is very prone being defaced by simple things like dust.… Read More

Fier’o Smoked Veneers

Fier’o Smoked Veneers

Fier’o series is a collection of premium smoked veneer species from all over the globe. The veneers are available in light to dark shades in brown and black with a vibrant choice of grain patterns. The finest wood species are picked from all over the world and put through hi-end fuming process to create natural hues; possible only in natural veneers.… Read More

Natflex Veneers

Natflex Veneers

Natural Veneers takes pride in being one of the handful companies in India that produce the flexible veneers. Natflex flexible veneers are required for decorating curved and complex surfaces.

The veneers are heated up to extremely high temperatures and then at high pressure, pressed to a non-woven fiber coated fleece.… Read More

Gemss Radiance Calcedony

The Gemss Radiance Calcedony is a design innovation like no other that can set your furniture applications shining with all their glory.

The linear design concept allows the natural light to permeate thorough it. This allows the wood mosaics to take on a whole new level of natural design. The Calcedony series belong to a vibrant stream of design pattern that not only allows to create unmatched aesthetic appeals but also to attain an aura of elegance.… Read More

Beautifully Handcrafted Interno Veneers

Interno veneers are another innovation from Natural veneers. They are a quintessence of veneering craftsmanship.

Interno veneers replicate the look of solid wood furniture. This is attained by placing an assortment of veneers in a mix and match pattern.

The veneers are a result of handmade craftsmanship with 12mm to 25mm wide veneers being placed together to display the variations in wood grains.… Read More