Why are veneers so awesome?

More often than not, more people do get confused with veneered furniture and solid wood furniture.  Well, that’s the magic of the veneers. They look so good, at times, better than solid wood; that one cannot help but stop and stare at the magnificence.

The veneers are as exotic as the various species of wood but cheaper at the same time.… Read More


Advantedge is the edge banding solution in continuous roll form, for all the furniture applications. We are the first Indian company to introduce the finger jointing technology in India.

Traditionally, craftsmen used edging strips with solid colours that were close to the shade of veneers, which were used on rest of the surfaces, or else they would make the edging strips from the veneer sheets.… Read More

Gemss Radiance Tourmaline

Gemss Radiance wood mosaics are unique and innovative, backlit wood surfacing materials. They lend a never before seen aura to space with the most modern and artistic designs. The series is a result of meticulous hardwork, which well appreciated by the architects, interiors and others from the faculty.

Tourmaline is one such design series from the Gemss Radiance.… Read More

Rough Cut Veneers

We are the first company to concoct the Rough cut technology and introduce it globally. The unique process makes rough cut veneers a perfect substitute for the sawn lumber paneling.

Also the rough cut veneers are very eco-friendly and cost efficient as well as compared to the sawn lumber. They are aesthetically more pleasant as well.… Read More

Butt Cut Veneers

Butt Cut veneers are a completely new concept in veneering world.

These veneers are made from logs that are cut horizontally instead of traditional standard or crown cut. These veneers when laid out well onto veneer panels give an exotic optical illusion of natural round logs stacked onto each other in a log yard.… Read More

Gemss Sapphire Wood Mosiacs

Gemss wood mosaics are an innovative way to design your spaces and furniture.  Gemss wood mosaics are the quintessential surfacing materials if you want your personality to be highlighted in your designs. Today we showcase the Gemms made with Sapphire specie. There are some variations, each depending upon the design in which they are made.… Read More

The all new Palm Veneers

Natural Veneers introduces the all new Palm Veneers.

Palm veneers exhibit the surface features that are very much similar to coconut palm. With veneers textures like that, one can obtain a suave look easily in the space. The Palm veneers are obtained from the best quality palm trees.

The search for such trees is a meticulous process and needs expertise in the field to select the trees for production.… Read More

Gemss Sapphire Exotic wood mosaics

Gemss Sapphire Exotic wood mosaics

In today’s world, spaces are designed very aesthetically and care is taken to match everything perfectly. Saws, files and chisels make sure that everything is smooth and blends in perfectly. In this process many a times, the wood loses its natural beauty and becomes a part of some lifeless piece of furniture.… Read More

Green Product of Year, 2013

We are proud and very delighted to announce that we have been recognized with the Green Product of the Year Award for the year 2013 in the Veneers category. We were honoured with the award at the India Green Business Summit on 19th January, 2014 by the esteemed Knowledge Resource Development and Welfare Group.… Read More

Gemss Radiance

Gemms wood mosaics are revolution in designing your space with wood.  Gemss helps you create elegant surfaces that seem to have created by an expert craftsman. Gemss lends a never before seen aura to space with the most modern and artistic designs.

The designers at Natural Veneers could not keep their calm after coming up with the marvelous series called Gemss.… Read More